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In today's world of work there are many demands on everyone's time.  We understand you know the importance of listening to your staff.  Partner with us to make the most of our experience and expertise.
We work with you to create your survey, make sense of the results, communicate the findings and enable your senior team and managers to act and track progress.

How we work

Careful design

We create bespoke surveys to help you understand the drivers and motivations of your workforce and the key issues that need to be addressed.

Thoughtful analysis

We use our experience to analyse your survey data and help create action plans that lead to success for you and your leaders.

Accessible reporting

We create quality, user friendly reports for you and your managers.

Engaging workshops

We run workshops to help bring teams together and demonstrate the value of giving employees a voice.
The insight to how your employees are feeling along with the reports they produce are great. It's a true partnership and one that I value.

Why Employee Feedback

Flexibility driven by an understanding that the best survey for you depends on your people and your culture.
Our size makes us nimble and able to respond creatively to your business goals.
Surveys created by people who have taken the time to understand your priorities.
Insights that build on 20 years of experience plus the latest industry trends.
Direct access to experts who will work to create the right survey for your business.

Why an employee survey?

At Employee Feedback we understand that the real power of an employee survey is much more than collecting data.

Communicate you care

We know that your employees are the heart of your business, use what they tell you in your survey to inform your future policies and demonstrate you listen and value their views.

Promote success

Create evidence for what you know are your strengths and tell the world.

Give employees a voice

Create a space for views to be shared with confidence they'll be taken seriously with anonymity guaranteed.

Understand what matters most

Our carefully designed questions will give you real insight into your people and the things that really matter to them.   We will help you help them be the motivated workforce you need to drive your business’s success.  

Make better business decisions

Make decisions based on evidence as your policies and practices evolve in a fast moving working environment.

Reinforce your values

Employee surveys are a good way to communicate what you value as a business, the behaviours you expect from your leaders and the changes that are important.

Combining the best of technology with 20 years' experience

Reporting portal

Empower all managers with access to their teams' survey results in reports that make it easy for them to share findings with their teams and create action plans.
•  Instantly available
•  One-click presentations
•  Simple, clear reports
•  Download in pdf or PowerPoint

Survey platform

Our survey platform makes it easy for everyone to share their views on the things that matter most with assurance that their responses will remain anonymous
•  Multiple quesiton types
•  Mobile friendly
•  Custom branding
•  Track response rates

Insights and analysis

We delve into the data with advanced analytic techniques and post survey workshops to gain a comprehensive understanding of the results.
•  Tailored reports
•  Action planning
•  Industry insights
•  Expert analysis
•  Bespoke workshops
•  Emerging trends / benchmarks

Unlock people power in your organisation with Employee Feedback

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