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Employee engagement

November 16, 2015

Employee engagement is a widely researched area and it has generally come to be accepted by organisations that engagement affects the bottom line. Gallup have previously reported that companies with higher levels of employee engagement have higher profitability and customer loyalty amongst other things. Hay Group found that the higher the employee engagement the higher the productivity of an organisation. Outputs such as profit and productivity are key things that businesses seek and boosting engagement levels can help organisations achieve these.

Organisations and different employee groups present their own particular challenges with regards to engagement. Drivers for one organisation may be very different to another; the same is often true for separate divisions of the same organisation. It is therefore important to learn all you can about your employees so that you can understand these challenges and help to put in place an engagement programme which fits your entire organisation.

The good news is that engagement is measurable; via an employee engagement survey you can find out how engaged the workforce is, areas that engagement is thriving and where attention is needed. In addition you can find engagement drivers specific to your organisation and an engagement programme can be developed to feed into this.

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