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Employee Feedback wins Australian contract

February 16, 2016

As a consultant, being asked to design and develop a system for use across an entire nation is about as exciting as it gets. And that’s just what has happened to Employee Feedback. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract to work with the Centre for Workplace Leadership at Melbourne University to develop an employee engagement survey which will be made available to organisations throughout Australia.

Employee engagement can drive economic prosperity

Melbourne’s Centre for Workplace Leadership (CWL) is located in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne and is supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Employment. The Centre focuses on the challenges facing Australian leaders and workplaces. Facilitating greater employee engagement is one of its priorities.

Pilot programme launches in April

A pilot project involving a number of Australian SMEs will be launched in April. Each organisation will take part in an engagement survey designed and hosted by us. The survey content will be derived from preliminary research we will be carrying out collaboration with both participants and CWL staff.Australian engagement normsThe data generated by the will provide the foundation for a database of Australian engagement norms, thus enabling other organisations to compare levels of engagement among their employees with others’. Currently such data are not publicly available.

National roll out

Feedback from the pilot survey will be reported not only to each participating business but in aggregated format to CWL, providing valuable data for Centre researchers. Then, subject to a successful review and evaluation of both methodology and process, the approach will be rolled out across Australia. CWL will, in collaboration with Employee Feedback, become the leading national resource for all who are dedicated to diagnosing and building the highest levels of workplace engagement.

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