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Giving employees recognition boosts employee engagement

June 1, 2011

For those of you who don’t know what Yammer is then you are missing out! Simply put, Yammer is an online social networking tool for making ‘companies and organisations more productive and engaged’. No, I am not on commission for pushing Yammer, but it is a great communication tool, something that was actually introduced to us by a client! Since then, Employee Feedback have signed up and use it to communicate with each other, share ideas, comments, ask questions etc. Now, not only is Yammer tackling one of the key organisational drivers for employee engagement – communication, they are also tacking the issue of employee recognition.

Today, Yammer has launched their application called Praise, which enables users to recognise their colleagues for a job done well, acknowledging those who go the extra mile.  Giving praise to colleagues publicly has been shown from research to improve employee engagement levels within organisations. Many organisations which we survey suggest that reward and recognition could be improved, with many employees not feeling appreciated for what they do. The organisations who tend to fall into our upper quartile norms are those who have consistent recognition programmes in place, where employees feel noticed, valued and praised for doing their job well or for doing that little bit extra.

Praise allows users to provide graded badges to their colleagues for varying activities. The programme can also be incorporated into formal reward and recognition company initiatives. According to Yammer, 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are using their award winning software to improve employee productivity and engagement.

Whilst there is no substitute to face to face contact in many ways, there is no doubt that we now live in an increasingly digital world and with split sites and multi-national organisations, Yammer provides a way to link people across organisations together and gives them a portal to perhaps share things they would not on a one to one basis and connect with people outside of their office, where they may never have done so previously. Social networking does have a place within employee engagement – boosting communication and recognition can never be a bad thing even if it remains in the digital arena.

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