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Involving employees in following up an engagement survey

March 24, 2010

Not all organisations are prepared to put their money where there mouth is when it comes to employee engagement, but Employee Feedback clients tend to be both exceptional and highly committed to creating extreme levels of performance.

This world renowned employer yesterday committed to a series of action planning workshops which will involve every employee in determining priorities for follow up.

Employee Feedback consultants will be facilitating a substantial series of workshops for each department or team of more than twenty people. The responsible senior manager will take part in each session, discussing and agreeing appropriate actions. They will also set improvement targets, against which progress will be measured later this year.

This may be a time-consuming and expensive process (although it's all being completed within a two week period), but the Director concerned says it will be money well spent. He believes it will have a major impact on levels of engagement within the business, which is undergoing a large scale culture change programme - of which engagement surveys are an integral part.

It's highly reassuring to work with such committed and enthusiastic clients. Decisions like this also help to explain why, time and again, we find that organisations who throw themselves into the follow-up process achieve consistent and measurably greater levels of employee engagement. It's also no coincidence that they tend to be successful, high-performing businesses to boot!

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