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Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

April 5, 2010

During 2009 an international manufacturing business asked us to carry out a worldwide survey of employee engagement. The findings of the survey showed remarkable improvement in the degree of employee engagement with the business in the four years since the previous set of measures were taken.

This progress was testament to the huge investment of time and effort on the part of the management team in creating a more committed culture across their business. It also showed the benefit of constantly listening and responding to vital stakeholders.

Yet another example of how employee engagement surveys have a direct and substantial effect on business performance. These results have now led the CEO and his senior colleagues to extend the survey feedback process to another aspect of business strategy. Employee Feedback has been invited to set up an ongoing on-line survey of customers across the globe. It will report on customers' satisfaction with product and service quality on a regular basis - varying between quarterly and half yearly. The survey process will make it possible to monitor client satisfaction anywhere in the world at a given time.

The data on customer satisfaction will be compared with the employee engagement measures and the relationships between the two will be assessed. High levels of employee engagement are - unsurprisingly - correlated with good customer satisfaction. Conversely, if there are signs that employee engagement is declining in a particular location or country, it's quite possible that customers will be unhappy too. So it's possible to take action to anticipate and so avoid problems.

In addition, the fact that customers are being asked about how they feel about the products and service they're receiving will have added benefits in itself. It's a sign that the business is really 'walking the talk' and making sure it's actually delivering what it sets out to provide. Customers like being made to feel important and valued - just as employees who are treated as valuable respond and become more committed.

Everyone wins. Employee Feedback's approach to monitoring engagement - of customers as well as employees - really pays off.

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