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Does it matter if the recession has created pseudo engagement in organisations?

November 12, 2010

Despite recent figures signifying that the recession is officially over, organisational research suggests that employees have been left with an enduring sense of job uncertainty. This seems to have led to an increase in the newly coined term ‘pseudo-engagement’ where it appears that employees are more engaged with the organisation when in fact it is their insecurity regarding their future employment that leads to increased levels in engagement related behaviours. The key question though is does it really matter if the recession has created pseudo-engagement; surely any engagement is better than none at all?

Well, the crux of the argument here is that if it is job insecurity binding employees to the organisation then this will be a short term fix; true engagement is sustainable long term. In an uncertain job market, pseudo-engagement can leave organisations vulnerable when the economy improves.

By conducting an employee engagement survey one can unearth the differences between pseudo and genuine engagement. By creating or selecting items from the Employee Feedback item bank, organisations can look at the key issues underlying their organisation and work to create genuine engagement and guard against pseudo engagement by looking at issues such as job security and communication, for example.

Research suggests that employees displaying pseudo engagement need to understand what is going on in the organisation through regular communication updates, they need to understand the challenges that lay ahead and need to know what contribution they can make for the future of the organisation; an employee engagement survey can help to pinpoint where to provide the targeted actions required to further improve engagement levels.

Employee engagement surveys can really help to uncover the issues employees face which will provide the first step in helping to galvanise the workforce and create a real sense of shared purpose, even when experiencing tough times.

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