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2024 Workplace: 5 Essential Leadership Skills

December 8, 2023

We were interested in Korn Ferry's choice of 5 ways to be a better leader in 2024.

The 2023 workplace has been characterized by significant change, driven by artificial intelligence advancements, shifting return-to-office mandates, and political tensions.

Looking ahead to 2024, leaders are expected to continue adapting to such disruptions.

Key skills and traits identified for leaders to enhance include:

  1. conflict resolution
  2. technological adaptability
  3. emotional intelligence
  4. authenticity
  5. effective communication.

A survey revealed that around 60% of US business leaders feel they lack skills in conflict management, which can negatively impact workplace relationships and productivity.

Leaders are also advised to keep pace with technological advancements and to embrace new methodologies.

Emotional intelligence remains a critical leadership quality, with studies linking it to 85% of workplace success.

Authenticity in leadership is seen as crucial for fostering trust, while clear and effective communication skills are needed to navigate the ongoing changes and uncertainty.

All strong but we think we could all benefit from paying attention here even those who purely lead their own behaviour, habits and interactions.

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