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Grindr Faces Mass Exodus of Employees After Ending Remote Work Policy: Lessons in Transparent Communication and Inclusive Decision-Making

September 14, 2023
Hybrid Working

Hybrid working continues to dominate the headlines and the headspace of HR leaders around the globe.

HR Grapevine spotlights the latest return to the office fall out, this time at US based Grindr.

Grindr, the popular LGBT+ dating app, is facing a mass exodus of employees after it ended its remote work policy.

The company announced that employees would have to choose between relocating to one of several major cities where the company had an office or quit.

Nearly half of Grindr's employees have chosen to quit rather than return to the office.

The Communications Workers of America has filed a lawsuit against Grindr on behalf of the former staff, claiming that the return-to-office mandate was an attempt to silence employees from raising concerns about working conditions.

Many executives now express regret over their decision to force employees back to the office, citing a lack of comprehensive insights into the preferences and needs of the workforce.

This situation highlights the importance of transparent communication and inclusive decision-making when implementing major changes to working structures.

Whilst there is no single formula for success, a good survey can help you understand the needs and priorities of your workforce and also communicate key messages and drivers of the business.  

Ultimately success comes down to communication not a single formula, talk with us at Employee Feedback today to find the best tactics for your workforce.

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