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Trust Gap in Workplace AI Deployment

January 19, 2024
Future of Work

This survey by Workday reported in HR Grapevine certainly rings true for us.

It reveals a trust gap in the responsible deployment of AI in the workplace.

Both business leaders and employees agree that AI has immense potential, but there is a lack of trust in how it will be deployed.

Only 62% of business leaders and 52% of employees welcome AI.

There is also a perception that companies do not have a clear understanding of which systems require human intervention and which should be fully automated.

Furthermore, 23% of employees do not believe that their organisation prioritises employee interests when implementing AI.

There is a lot of noise about AI, and no one doubts its potential to change the way we work and even the kind of work we do but exactly how this will unfold is not clear and understandably this causes worry and even mistrust.

Transparency and good communication are what businesses need to commit to as AI is integrated into organisational life.

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