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Retaining a motivated, skilled workforce demands work

July 14, 2023

We liked this piece in Training Journal about developing happy employees.  

The article lists 9 tips for retaining a motivated, skilled workforce

  1. Career development should be viewed as a journey, not a ladder. Employees should focus on improving their skills and gaining satisfaction from their work, rather than just climbing the corporate ladder
  2. Regularly initiate conversations about career development. This helps employees align their personal goals with the organisation's objectives and uncovers new opportunities for growth.
  3. Encourage employees to adopt a growth mindset. Highlight the benefits of embracing new challenges and expanding their skillset.
  4. Provide stretch assignments to further professional growth. This shows trust in their abilities and commitment to their development.
  5. Highlight diverse career development opportunities within the organisation to help employees envision alternative career paths.
  6. Support work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements and discouraging overwork.
  7. Emphasise the importance of continuous learning. Encourage employees to expand their skillset and take advantage of development opportunities.
  8. Help employees approaching retirement strategise their transition and reflect on their legacy.
  9. Acknowledge and celebrate achievements to foster a positive work environment and reinforce the idea of growth within a current role.

A happy employee is more motivated, more engaged, more loyal and more productive, what's not to love as an employer?  

We love this list but would add a 10th tip, in fact we would make it number one.

Communicate with your employees, find out what matters to them and let them know how they matter to the business.

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