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Q&A: Marissa Andrada on Nurturing Company Culture

November 24, 2023
Organisational Culture

Organisational culture seems to be on everyone's mind at the moment, we predict it being a major theme in 2024 too.

Marissa Andrada, Board Director at Krispy Kreme and former CPO at Chipotle, recently shared her insights on the importance of company culture and how it can be measured and influenced.

She believes that culture, purpose, and values need to be organically woven into a company’s behaviour and should be reflected in boardroom conversations.

Metrics such as top and bottom-line growth, customer satisfaction scores, retention, turnover, and engagement can be used to gauge the health of a company's culture.

She also emphasized the importance of considering environmental and sociological issues, and ensuring the demographics of an organization reflect the communities they serve.

Leadership is important in shaping company culture and seeking feedback from all employees can help make improvements.

The biggest threat to company culture, according to Andrada, is a lack of civility and kindness within an organization.

We love the conclusion that an organisation with a strong culture doesn't need to jump to make topical statement because their values speak for them.

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