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Menopause might be a popular topic on Women’s Hour but it certainly isn’t in the workplace

January 27, 2023
Well-being in the Workplace

Despite the UK government's rejection of adding menopause protections to the Equality Act, HR experts and women's rights advocates argue businesses can still create their own policies.

The government also dismissed calls for a menopause leave pilot, sparking wide criticism. Studies suggest up to one million women could be forced out of jobs due to lack of support during menopause.

Experts emphasise the need for a culture that allows open discussion about menopause and advise that failure to adapt could lead to businesses losing experienced staff.

Speaking to HR Magazine, Jemima Olchawski, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, recommended practical business led solutions to offer employers such as flexible work, menopause training, and support networks.

As always it is about the culture you want to create, Government policy isn’t essential to good practice and policies that focus on wellbeing and reduce attrition, particularly with experienced and senior employees, make good sense to any business.

Employers to step in as menopause rejected as a protected characteristic HR Magazine

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