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Modern Management: Strategies for Today's Challenges

December 8, 2023

A good article here describing how the role of a modern manager has evolved significantly due to technological advancements, global crises, and changing societal values.

The article identifies four primary challenges faced by modern managers:

  1. adapting to the hybrid working model
  2. fostering inclusion and well-being
  3. navigating rapid technological advancements
  4. managing multi-generational teams

The hybrid working model presents challenges such as maintaining team cohesion and communication. The article recommends consistent check-ins, virtual team-building initiatives, and understanding each team member's role to enhance unity and belonging.

Inclusion and well-being are central to a thriving workplace. Managers need to undergo regular diversity training, implement mentorship schemes, maintain transparent recruitment processes, and establish feedback channels to create a diverse and inclusive environment. They also need to manage overwork, burnout, and mental health issues, especially with the prevalence of remote work.

The rapid pace of technological advancements can be challenging for managers. They need to adopt a more strategic approach, prioritize continuous learning, and stay updated with industry trends to keep their teams competitive.

Finally, managing multi-generational teams requires understanding the distinct values, work ethics, and expectations of different age groups. Implementing intergenerational mentorship schemes and promoting a culture of mutual respect can help managers harness the strengths of a diverse team.

Across all our client work, reading and research we recognise these major challenges in the increasing complexity of managing people.

As we bring our flexible, authentic, multi-generational, selves to work utilising the latest technology to be present, connect, collaborate and get stuff done we need our managers to be across it all.

Managers can be the engine rooms of the business but they need the support and sometimes specific training to help them and their teams be their best.

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