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The Road from Tolerance to True Inclusion in the Workplace

September 28, 2023
Diversity and Inclusion

This week is National Inclusion Week. This article is a must read for any HR teams who are looking at their DEI policies and really want to make an impact.

Despite best intentions, many organisations still struggle to foster diversity and inclusion due to fears of making mistakes, lack of representation at top levels, and detrimental company cultures.

These issues range from overt discrimination to more subtle 'micro discrimination' which can create a hostile environment.

Drawing on personal experiences of discrimination Joanne Lockwood argues in the article for not just tolerance, but genuine inclusion that goes beyond mere representation.

The article suggests actively creating talent pipelines, prioritising qualities such as emotional intelligence and adaptability, and creating safe spaces where employees can be authentic.

Above all, the goal is to promote a sense of belonging, rather than just inclusion, and to challenge damaging assumptions and stereotypes.

Businesses with strong active DEI policies are stronger, they are more creative, have less group think, better represent the marketplace and are often happier places to work with strong positive cultures.  

To us it just makes sense.

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