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Polarisation in the hybrid debate

July 28, 2023

We enjoyed this article about the need to understand nuances to get the best hybrid working policy for your organisation.

In the ongoing debate about remote work, leaders and employees often find themselves at odds.

The key to finding a mutually beneficial solution lies in understanding the "5 W's" - why, what, where, when, and who.

By engaging in open and ongoing dialogue, leaders can address the needs and concerns of both sides.

This requires taking joint ownership of the issue, setting expectations and ground rules, eradicating black-and-white language, and making time for meaningful discussions.

In the end, collaboration is essential to finding the best work arrangement for everyone involved.

Every set up is different. As ever we believe the key to success is in the conversation and find that employee surveys can be helpful in getting the dialogue going.  

We are also working on an framework to help our clients understand and be understood when it comes to the challenges and opportunities hybrid working presents.

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