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How Behavior Contagion Shapes Your Workplace

October 5, 2023
Organisational Culture

A great piece here about culture change and how to recognize influencers to create the shifts your business needs for success.

The article discusses the significant role of behaviour contagion in the workplace, a phenomenon where behaviours, attitudes, and work habits spread through professional networks like viruses.

Research indicates that these behaviours influence not only immediate colleagues but also those within their network, leading to a ripple effect. This effect suggests that individual employees' impact on shaping the broader organizational culture is often underestimated.

The strength of employee connections plays a crucial role, with behaviours being more effectively transferred among employees with strong ties.

The article suggests that understanding the power of behaviour contagion can help organizations to foster cultures aligned with their values and goals. Leaders are advised to identify and nurture key influencers, leverage positive behaviours, and cultivate strong connections among employees to facilitate this process.

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