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Addressing Menopause Support & Understanding in the Workplace

October 27, 2023
Well-being in the Workplace

Last week was Menopause awareness day.

This article in People Management has some helpful perspectives.

Their poll revealed that 45% of employees do not feel comfortable discussing their menopausal symptoms at work.

Other research suggests a lack of comprehension about menopause, with 19% of adults reporting zero knowledge on the subject.

While HR can help by providing education on menopause symptoms the article cites the importance of involving men and younger women in discussions to foster understanding and support amongst all staff.

Misinformation continues to circulate, necessitating clear and accurate educational initiatives from employers.

Menopause affects half the population, and a Royal London study covered in the article shows that half of women consider leaving their jobs during menopause.

The impact on any organisation of losing the skills, knowledge and relationships held by this proportion of the workforce is huge.

Ensuring that the women in your workforce feel valued and supported just makes commercial sense.

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