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Unlocking Organizational Growth: The Power of Prioritizing Employee Experience

July 21, 2023

This comprehensive article in the HBR has great advice on making a positive employee experience all of which we heartily recommend.  

It describes a study showing that prioritizing employee experience can significantly impact organizational growth.

While many companies focus on the customer experience, neglecting employee experience can lead to long-term issues with retention and engagement.

The research found that improving the employee experience could potentially increase revenues by up to 50%.

The study identified five key drivers of a better employee experience:

  1. Mutual trust
  2. C-suite accountability
  3. Alignment of employee values and company vision
  4. Recognizing success
  5. Seamless technology to reduce employees’ day-to-day friction

By prioritizing these factors, companies can create a stronger employee experience, leading to happier customers and increased business success.

If this inspires you to think about engagement and employee experience in your own business we can help you create the feedback loop through surveys to really understand how employees are feeling, what their priorities are and demonstrate your commitment to creating a great place to work.

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