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Inclusive EVP for Diverse Talent Attraction

November 3, 2023
Employee Value Proposition

We have been thinking lots about employee value proposition (EVP) at Employee Feedback and we like this piece by Cath Harrison with its focus on inclusivity.

The article suggests that organizations often struggle to articulate their diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in their job adverts, despite doing substantial work in these areas.

It recommends reviewing the EVP with a focus on inclusivity, involving input from a variety of stakeholders, and considering potential barriers and biases in hiring processes.

It also highlights the importance of using gender-neutral language, inclusive job titles, and diverse imagery in job adverts.

The article further suggests checking the inclusivity of the benefits package, clearly communicating flexibility options, and sharing employee stories to showcase an inclusive culture.

Someone wise once said to us that diversity is being invited to the party but inclusivity is being asked to dance.

We love this metaphor and can help support meaningful inclusivity in the workplace through our employee surveys and help embed it in your EVP.

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