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Post-COVID Workforce Segments & Preferences - Henley Business School Study

January 19, 2024
Employee Engagement

Interesting research by Henley Business School reported in Personnel Today.

The research surveyed 3,000 full-time UK employees about what they look for in a job, revealing that most workers (72%) prioritise work-life balance, with only 19% willing to work longer hours for career progression.

The report calls the current workforce environment the "omniployment era", characterized by diverse worker preferences.

The research identified six worker types:

  1. Socially conscious workers (15% of the workforce)
  2. Employee advocates (10%)
  3. Work-life balance advocates (39%)
  4. Salary-driven weekend workers (13%)
  5. Employee satisfaction enthusiasts (10%)
  6. Lone rangers (14%)

It also highlighted common red flags for job searchers, such as a toxic work environment (59%) and poor work-life balance (56%).

The authors recommend businesses adopt flexible HR strategies to cater for the diverse motivations and priorities of their employees.

We would certainly advocate the same and an employee engagement survey is a great way to understand and respond to employees' needs and concerns.

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