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Imposter syndrome, personality traits and the John issue

November 14, 2022

With the ongoing debate and adjustment around hybrid working and working from home we found this article on HR Zone which focuses on imposter syndrome an interesting contribution to the discussion. 

There are some helpful thoughts around looking for the signs and creating the right environment for open and honest communication which is something we see as a common theme with our surveys with clients.  

As a natural introvert who has spent her career developing extrovert traits and behaviours, I was really interested to see this leading piece in HR magazine.  Of course, there is a place for everyone at work - we just have to make sure we make the right environment for introverts as well as extroverts to contribute and shine.  

We at Employee Feedback, are looking forward to attending the D&A Conference 2022: What Inclusion Looks Like

This blog from Breathe has a great list of powerful reasons about D&I making business sense...and the John problem continues.

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