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The Importance of Detaching from Work: Study Shows Leaders Who Disconnect Are More Effective

August 17, 2023
Well-being in the Workplace

As we at Employee Feedback are thinking about our summer holidays we particularly appreciated this article on Management Today.  

In a new study, researchers from the Universities of Florida and Arizona, along with Florida State University, have found that being an effective leader at work requires leaving work at the office.

While it may seem counterintuitive, constantly working and not taking time to disconnect actually hinders a leader's ability to provide psychological support and task direction to their team.

The study found that leaders who psychologically detached from work in the evenings felt more refreshed and identified more strongly with their leadership role the next day, resulting in more effective motivation and guidance for their employees.

On the other hand, leaders who worked or worried about work overnight felt depleted and less like leaders the next day, leading to less effective leadership.

The study also highlighted the importance of detaching from work for less experienced leaders, who were most impacted by not taking time for recovery.

Overall, the research emphasizes the need for leaders to prioritize self-care and recovery in order to be more effective in their roles.

In the 20 plus years we have been supporting businesses and leaders across the UK we recognise the power of switching off so that  the next time you switch on the batteries are fully charged and your brain and body is in a stronger fresh position to deal with all the demands on it.

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