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Accidental Managers' Impact on UK Workforce Retention

October 20, 2023
Employee Engagement

Management today is more complex than ever, with hybrid working, a multi-generational workforce, increased focus on wellbeing in times of economic hardship and increasing mental health challenges on top of additional uncertainty about the rapid rise of AI and what that means for the future.

Managers have a lot to do, and yet still so many a promoted because of the expertise they demonstrated in their previous role and not for their managerial skills or even potential.

A study by the Chartered Management Institute and YouGov revealing the prevalence of ‘accidental managers’ causing talent to leave UK organisations caught our eye this week, reported here in Personnel today and also featuring in the Guardian in recent days.

The report indicates that one in three people have quit jobs due to a negative work environment, and out of those who believe their bosses to be ineffective, 50% plan to leave within the next year.

The research revealed 82% of managers haven't had formal management and leadership training, and there are significant disparities among managers across gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Managers are often promoted for the wrong reasons, and only 27% of workers rate their manager as “highly effective”.

Investing in a well crafted employee survey, which gives all staff - managers and those who are managed - a confidential and important voice to share their training needs and their experience of management can provide data to help you create training and development strategies, boost employee confidence and reduce expensive attrition rates.

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