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UK Workers Prioritize Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: New Report Reveals Findings and Urges Employers to Take Action

August 3, 2023

We were heartened to read this piece in People Management, on the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to British workers in a new YouGov survey.

The survey reveals that two-thirds of UK workers prioritize workplace diversity and inclusion when searching for jobs and that women and younger workers place even greater importance on EDI.

Employers are warned that failing to prioritize diversity and inclusion could result in missing out on potential talent.

The survey also found that only 41% of workers believe their current workplace values diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging regular employee feedback and creating physically accessible workplaces were identified as key initiatives for promoting EDI.

Expectations are high, particularly amongst younger generations and the benefits to business can be found across recruitment, retention, engagement, creativity and productivity.  

Employee Feedback can help you to communicate with and understand views on EDI in your business and get the data you need to address these critical issues.

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