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Zoom Mandates In-Person Office Days for Staff as Part of Hybrid Work Approach

August 24, 2023
Hybrid Working

Zoom, the videoconferencing company that thrived during the remote working era, has followed in the footsteps of tech giants like Google by issuing a mandate for staff living within 50 miles of the office to attend in-person at least twice a week.

This move is part of Zoom's "structured hybrid approach," which aims to strike a balance between remote and office work. The mandate applies to around 8,000 employees across 12 global locations, including its London office with approximately 200 staff.

There can surely be no doubt that the management team at Zoom, thought long and hard about mandating employees to be in the office two days a week. At least we really hope so!

We know getting the right flexible working approach is a huge challenge for HR teams and we can help you work out the best solution for your staff, your teams, your leadership and your customers.

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